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Request for Fee Change Report

Instructions for Completing

Download the Request for Fee Change Report Form

(Eff. November 21, 2005)

Fill in the information requested on the report beginning with the college name at the top of each page, the year and the page numbers – see explanations of headings below:

Step 1

  • Change Type: Addition, Change, or Delete

  • Rubric and Course Number: Example: MATH 4030
  • Course ID #: As shown in the schedule of classes
  • Fee Type: Use initial only: "S" for Special (Incidental), "P" for Practicum, "C" for Co-op and "T" for Student Teaching
  • Current Fee: Dollar amount currently approved to be charged for this course. Use "0" if a fee is not currently charged for the course.
  • Proposed Fee: Dollar amount requested to be charged for this course.
  • Change in Fee Revenue: You should indicate in this column the dollar amount of additional revenue you expect to generate from a new fee or a fee increase. A decrease or delete can be expressed as a minus figure. Expected revenue change is based on enrollment history of the course.
  • Item Type #/Cost Center (For Adds Only): The item type # will not be available for fees being added in programs where course fees have not been previously charged, in new rubrics, or if the revenue is to go into a new cost center, until after the fees are approved. For areas that have previously charged course fees and if the revenue is going into an established cost center, the item type # will be available.

Step 2

The Associate Dean submits a signed cover memo to the AVPAA. The memo is to include a summary of the change in revenue column broken out by cost center number and a brief justification of fee additions and increases. The completed Request for Fee Change Report is to be attached to the memo. The AVPAA will review both the cover and the report and may ask the colleges for changes or clarification before submitting the fee requests to PBC for approval and to the Budget Office for SGA review and approval.

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