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Course Fee Procedures

Annual Approval Process

In September, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AVPAA) sends to the dean and associate dean of each college a copy of the Approved Course-Related Fee List (Provost Fee Tables), along with a memo asking the colleges to review the list and reply with the following:

  • Request for Fee Change Report – The colleges include on this report all requested additions, changes, or deletions to the approved course-related fee list. Colleges must delete fees for courses that have been removed from the official course inventory. This report does not include malpractice insurance fees.

  • Cover Memo Signed by the Associate Dean – memo must include total fee revenue change by cost center number - a summary of the "change in revenue" column on the Request for Fee Change Report.

A copy of the Tuition and Fee Schedule is included with the AVPAA's memo showing the fee range that can be charged for particular types of fees. [Fee Range Example: Lab Fees cannot exceed $30.00]. The Tuition and Fee Schedule is provided by the Budget Office.

The cover memos and Request for Fee Change Reports submitted by the associate deans are reviewed by the AVPAA. The AVPAA forwards the reports to the Budget Office to be distributed to the Student Government Association (SGA) and to the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) for approval at their February meeting. When fees are approved by PBC, the AVPAA is notified. The Budget Office forwards to the Board of Regents for approval only fee requests that are outside the approved range. Fees approved in this annual process are effective the following academic year.

When the AVPAA is notified of PBC approval and/or Board of Regents approval, the fee additions and changes are entered into the Provost Fee Table – Approved Course-Related Fee List – and a revised list of approved course-related fees is distributed to the deans, associate deans and to the Cashier. The colleges use this list for reference when entering fee footnotes into the class schedule. The Cashier enters the fees in the PeopleSoft (PS) course catalog. The Office of the AVPAA works with the colleges and the Cashier and/or the Assistant Registrar to correct any discrepancies between the PS catalog and the approved fee list.

Topic Course Fees

Fees for individual topic courses are not entered into the PeopleSoft course catalog or on the Approved Course-Related Fee List. Fees may be requested and approved for generic topic course titles (e.g. COMM 4931, ARTS 5931). If a generic title has an approved fee (will be listed on the fee table), the college may enter that approved fee for any individual topic Course that is scheduled under the generic title.

If the approved fee for a generic title is more than is needed for the individual topic course, the college must notify the Cashier by email to decrease or delete the fee.

If a generic title does not have an approved fee, the college must request approval of a fee from the AVPAA prior to entering a fee for any individual topic course under the generic title.

Cross-listed Course Fees

The fees for cross-listed courses must match. Students in the same class may not be required to pay different fees. Courses that have approved fees in varying amounts are often cross-listed with each other. When this happens, the following must be done:

  • The associate dean must determine the appropriate fee for the cross-listed course
  • If the approved fee of a course that is being cross-listed is higher than the amount determined to be the appropriate fee, the college must notify the Cashier by email to decrease the fee.
  • If the approved fee of a course that is being cross-listed is lower than the amount determined to be the appropriate fee, the college must request approval from the AVPAA to increase the fee.

Fee requests for cross-listed courses are most often done on a semester-by-semester basis. Such requests should be minimized by reviewing all fees for courses that are regularly cross-listed. If the fees do not match, a request must be submitted to make the fees compatible for those courses.

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