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Field-Based Experience General Information

Governor Abbott’s COVID-19 disaster declaration is still in effect. Governor Abbott declared a disaster due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13, 2020. Governor Abbott renewed the declaration on July 30, 2021. Please review the following information regarding the 2021-22 school year guidance. 

Status of Fall 2021 Field Experiences

The availability and mode of field experiences are determined by the individual districts for a maximum of 30 minutes for student observations and teaching.  The CPDT office updates this information prior to the beginning of each semester. 

General Information for Field Experiences

  1. All field experience requests are due to the CPDT office by the 4th Friday of the start of the fall/spring semesters.
  2. Suite Secretaries will establish a deadline for submission for individual departments. 
  3. Refer to the Field Experience Request Submission Instructions for the submission process.
  4. Refer to school district requirements for submission of applications and Criminal History Background Checks.
  5. Students must successfully complete all district requirements for application and background checks before their field experience request will be considered by the district.
  6. Allow at least two-three weeks for the district to process the field experience applications and background checks upon receipt.
  7. Instructors observing students on a district campus may be required to sign in and present a driver's license or state-issued ID.
  8. Students are not eligible to report to any campus until instructors have been notified of eligibility by CPDT.
  9. The CPDT office will communicate with school district personnel on behalf of COE regarding any aspect of the field experience process.
  10. Direct all field experience questions to the CPDT office via phone: 281-283-3612 or  E-mail: 

Please include with your request the names of students whose UHCL and state identification records differ, the name under which they applied and completed the background check information and that which is listed on their state-issued identification. 

Field-Based Experience Documentation

Instructors: Please ensure students provide the following information on their field-based experience documentation for your course. You may want to use something like this Sample Field Observation Documentation Log

  • Student Name
  • UHCL Student ID #
  • Course Instructor Name
  • Course Rubric
  • Course Name
  • Name of Classroom Teacher Observed
  • Content Area
  • Grade Level
  • Date of Observation and/or Activity
  • Start Time of Observation and/or Activity
  • End Time of Observation and/or Activity
  • Hours/Minutes
  • Description of Observation and/or Activity
  • Student Reflection of Field-Based Observation and/or Activity
  • Signature of Teacher in classroom; course instructor; front office representative designee documenting visit


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