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Past Events

Past Workshops and Seminars | Cyber Security Institute

The Cyber Security Institute works to fulfill its mission to provide knowledge sharing and education to the public through a series of events, seminars, and training opportunities. This is a repository of past events the CSI has been in involved with. You can view the entire spectrum of past events, including cyber security workshops, seminars, grants, collaboration forum and conferences by following the links below. 

Workshop - Cybersecurity and Cryptography (9/6/2017)

Cyber Security Summer Camp (6/8/2017)

Seminar - Cybersecurity for Small Business and Everyday Users (2/15/2017)

Cyber Security Summer Camp (6/6/2016)

Cybersecurity Workshop Managing Organizational Cybersecurity Effectiveness (11/17/2015)

Cybersecurity Planning and Structure Workshop (10/16/2015)

Cyber Security Summer Camp (5/8/2015)

Cyber Security and Health Care (1/16/2015)