In fall 2017, our Vision, Mission, Values Taskforce was formed and began the process of drafting and reviewing our new statements.

April/May 2019: Various committees, teams and advisory boards were assembled to launch UHCL's strategic planning process with nine interactive forums for faculty, staff and students to discuss the following theme areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Student Experience
  • Sustainable Financial Resources and Alignment
  • Partnership with Community
  • Human Capital and Service-Based Culture

These sessions provided valuable feedback to determine our actual themes, competitive analysis and strategic positioning.

May 2019: Vision, Mission, and Values statements were approved by the University of Houston System Board of Regents quarterly meeting.  This approval demonstrates the strong support we have from all of our dedicated Regents.

June 2019: Strategic Foundations Workshop with the Strategic Management Team

September 2019: Theme Teams Workshop with approximately 50 subject matter experts from the UHCL community (faculty, staff, administrators and alumni) were held to refine the strategic themes and develop for each, a strategy map consisting of 8-15 objectives and supporting initial outcomes for each objective.  

Strategic Themes

Inclusive Culture: Institutional culture values diversity in many forms, resulting in an intersectional identity for our students, faculty, staff, and community. The University supports the campus community, resulting in meaningful engagement and a positive campus climate. Development and advancement is achieved through institutional programming focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Educational Achievement: Provide innovative and experiential learning opportunities that promote student success. Strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations across the university that enhance the students’ experience throughout their academic and professional careers. Support educational experiences through the optimization and stewardship of educational resources.

Innovation Partners: Student opportunities involving internal and external partnerships that engage the community, alumni, employees, and educational institutions, resulting in students making positive contributions to society. New knowledge generated by innovative scholarly activities produced by partners, students, faculty in response to societal opportunities and challenges.

University Identity: Recognition as an institution that delivers distinctive integrated learning opportunities that invest in stakeholder experiences. Responsive change leadership which maximizes the quality of the social, economic, and environmental landscape.

Following the September workshop will be a critical report out to the Strategic Management Team who will update the campus and then hand off the work to the next phase – the Objective Owners in November.  The Objective Owners will begin the process of creating metrics for both Strategic Objectives and their attendant Initiatives (used for Continuous Improvement).  

Upcoming Events:

  • Oct. 3-4, 2019: Part 1 - Development of overall strategic objectives and strategy map for each theme (Strategic Management Team)
  • Nov. 4-5, 2019: Objective Owners Workshop to determine ownership of strategic objectives to ensure execution 
  • Nov. 7, 2019: Part 2 - Strategic Objective Owners and Strategic Management Team to review Strategic Objectives, Initiatives, and refine measures/KPIs 

We will have many workshops and milestones to move us through the rest of 2019, in preparation to implement our strategic plan in 2020.

Here's a snapshot of our timeline:

progress snapshot


For a detailed overview of our 2019 activities, review the rollout presentation