Planning and Budgeting Committee


The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) shall have the responsibility for coordination of all university-wide planning and budgeting activities as well as oversight of university assessment and fundraising. The PBC will review and recommend to the University Council the various plans and their associated resource needs. The university president is the final authority on all such matters. Specifically, the responsibilities of the PBC are as listed below:

  • University-wide planning 
  • University-wide budgeting 
  • Oversight of university assessment 
  • Oversight of university fundraising

Meetings are held once every month except for extra, specially called meetings, e.g., when the PBC is engaged in the prioritization review and recommendation of the university-wide planning priorities. The PBC also hosts the annual presentation of the UHCL component priorities by the president, provost and the vice president of Administration and Finance.

Committee Structure and Voting Members

The chairperson of PBC must be a tenured faculty member. Voting members of the committee are:

VP for Administration and Finance:  Mark Denney

Faculty (six from Faculty Senate, at least one from each college):

USA Representatives: Leigh Ann Shelfer, Laura WilderKaren Fiscus (alternate) and Holly Sobota (alternate)

President’s Office Representative: Carol Pruitt, Rhonda Thompson and Carol Bates (alternate)

Academic Deans Representative: Mark Shermis (COE) and Ju Kim (CSE) (alternate)

Provost’s Office Representative: Steven Berberich and Yvette Bendeck (alternate)

AVP for Information Resources: Chloris Yue and Jingshan Xiao (alternate)

Student Affairs Representative: Daniel Maxwell and Cindy Cook (alternate)

Non-Voting Members

Office of Institutional Effectiveness Representative (Ex-Officio): Patricia Cuchens and Kathryn Matthew (alternate)

Budget Office Representative (Ex-Officio): Deja Sero (interim)

Committee Contact Information

Chair: Associate Professor of Finance Timothy Michael
Vice Chair: Mark Denney
Staff Support: Executive Assistant- Administration and Finance Shirley Nilsen Ext. 2111

Committee Bylaws

ADOPTED 5-7-2007
AMENDED BY PBC – 4-28-2010


A. Voting members will consist of:

  • VP for Administration and Finance AVP, Information Resources
  • Faculty (six from the Faculty Senate, at least one from each college)
  • President's office representative 
  • University Staff Association (USA)
  • Representative Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Representative academic deans
  • Representative Office of the Provost
  • Representative Student Services 

 B.  Non-Voting members will consist of:

  • Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) Representative (Ex-Officio)
  • Budget Office Representative (Ex-Officio)
  • The secretariat for the committee will be the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.
  1. Election of Members: Committee members will be elected by a vote of the constituent body that they represent. The elected members of the PBC will be expected to serve a two-year term.
  2. Responsibilities of Members: Elected representatives will be expected to represent the views of the constituents they represent on the committee, but should serve the best interests of the university community. Representatives are expected to keep their constituencies informed of PBC matters on a regular basis.
  3. Resignation of Members: Any member desiring to resign from PBC will contact the Chair, who will contact the represented group to fill a vacancy.
  4. Removal of Members: If a committee member exceeds two absences per year, the member may be replaced at the discretion of the Chair.
  5. Alternate Voting Members: Each member will be allowed to designate an alternate to serve a full year. For members that are elected or appointed, the electing or appointing body must approve the alternate designated. The name of the alternate must be submitted to the Committee secretariat for inclusion in the membership roster in order to be recognized for voting authority. Alternates are encouraged to attend each meeting. If the electing or appointing body does not choose to appoint an alternate, one is not required.

The PBC membership will elect a chair from the committee. This chairperson must be a tenured faculty member who will receive one course release per semester. The PBC will also have an administrative vice-chair, the vice president for Administration and Finance.

Election of Chair

The PBC membership will elect a chair from the committee. This chairperson must be a tenured faculty member who will receive one course release per semester. The PBC will also have an administrative vice-chair, the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Duties of Chair

The responsibilities of the Chair are to coordinate with the Administrative Vice Chair for:

  • Calling and scheduling meetings.
  • Setting the agenda for meetings of the committee. 
  • Distributing the committee agenda and minutes prior to scheduled meetings. 
  • Presiding over committee meetings. 
  • Coordinating the work of the committee with other SGS committees. 
  • Providing for a charge and membership selection for all sub-committees; 
  • Maintaining contact with all subcommittees as an ex-officio and non- voting member. 
  • Presenting monthly reports to University Council on the work of the committee.
  • Preparing and distributing annual reports on the committee to the university community.
  Terms of Office
  1. The chair will serve one year and be elected at the first meeting of the fall semester. The chair should have been a member of PBC for one year before serving as chair.
  2. Committee members serve two-year terms, with half the members elected each year by their constituent groups, unless the represented group's constitution dictates otherwise.
  3. The normal term of service in PBC is 24 consecutive months, beginning with the fall semester.
  1. Frequency. Meetings are normally held at least once each month. The committee normally selects the schedule for the meetings at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Specially called meetings. Special meetings may be called by the chair or by written request of a majority of committee membership.
  3.  Agendas. The agenda for each meeting will be distributed at least one week in advance of the meeting. Each committee member may submit to the Chair items for the committee agenda, prior to its distribution items on the agenda will be designated as either "informational" or "action".  No item may be designated as an "action" item unless it has appeared on a previous agenda as an "informational" item.
  4. Quorum. A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.
  5. The committee will operate under Roberts Rules of Order unless otherwise provided in the Shared Governance Policy or the Bylaws of the committee.
  Committee Recommendations
  1. Committee recommendations may be forwarded to the appropriate person or committee with a vote to support, a vote not to support, or a vote of "no action." A 60 percent majority of the voting committee membership will be required to forward a recommendation. All other voting within PBC will be by simple majority of all voting committee members. No proxies will be permitted. When necessary, alternative methods of voting can be provided by PBC.
  2. PBC Policy recommendation(s) will follow the shared governance recommendation process as specified in the University Shared Governance Policy.
  Amendments of Bylaws
  Amendments of Bylaws Amendments to the Bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the PBC voting membership as defined in the Membership section.