Environmental, Health and Safety

The Environmental, Health and Safety Department supports the University of Houston-Clear Lake in its mission of teaching, research and community service.  Our role is to identify potential safety hazards and recommend corrective action to responsible departments to ensure the safety of the university community and eliminate unnecessary risks.  We also act as a liaison with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance.  In this capacity, we provide internal expert solutions to issues to assure governing requirements are met.

  Environmental, Health & Safety Assistant Software

The Environmental, Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA) is an extensive database tool to help manage Environmental Health & Safety requirements such as training, inspections, inventories, permits, provide access to chemicals safety data sheets hub, and more.  Each user is granted access to the software by EHS, with the same campus computer credentials for login access, using the link below.


  Emergency Management

Emergency Management involves preparing for natural and man-made emergencies, coordination and planning with university and community resources and agencies, performing drills and training, and business continuity.

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  Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is what we do by complying with applicable rules and regulations to minimize and properly manage wastes; put controls in place to prevent spills, stormwater contamination, and air emissions.

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  Fire Safety

Planning for fires is no easy task.  Buildings must be designed and maintained to strict fire codes so that people can exit safely in the event of a fire.  This includes building materials that do not spread fire or smoke rapidly, water sprinklers and smoke alarms throughout the building, exit signs that light up in the event of power outage, fire extinguishers, and testing and maintenance of all components at specified frequencies.

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  Laboratory Safety

There are a variety of work types in a laboratory setting, for both teaching and research.  Being able to work safely is a necessity in any environment, and UHCL strives to keep students, faculty and staff safe in the labs with chemicals, biological materials, and laboratory equipment.  Knowledge is a key factor.  Click below to access lab safety and training information.

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  Safety & Industrial Hygiene

The safety and well-being of employees and students is an utmost priority at UHCL.  Within the Safety and Industrial Hygiene section, you'll find access to general occupational and construction safety, hazard communication, food and animal safety guidelines, and more. 

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Incident Reporting Forms, Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Permit Application Forms can be accessed through the blue page links (on the left for pc view).

  Permit Applications & Forms

Permits are required when performing certain activities on campus. Click here to go to the forms page for incident reporting forms, special events that include food, open flame/cooking, animals on campus, or work that involves burning, welding, or using tools with flames or that generate sparks.

  Risk Management & Insurance

Risk Management includes identification of risks and liabilities to ensure compliance with applicable requirements, standards and best practices.

The insurance function of Risk Management is contained within Procurement and Payables' Contracts and Administration

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